‘Budget’ bride details how she spent less than £4,000 on her dream wedding day

A bride has revealed how she spent less than £4,000 on her big day, which involved travelling by Uber and a bus.

Holly McClave, 32, and husband Steve, 30, decided against typical wedding traditions ahead of their big day on July 30 this year.

The couple walked down the aisle seven months after civil servant Steven got down on one knee shortly after Christmas last year.

The newlyweds ditched “fancy cars and food” and opted for an Uber to the registrar in Liverpool, before a double decker bus picked them up and stopped off at a few of the couple’s favourite spots.

Then they headed to a food market for their laid-back reception with just 32 guests and a buffet with fish and chips, burritos and a cupcake stand rather than a tiered wedding cake.

Mum-of-two Holly, from Preston, said: “We didn’t want anything traditional; we just wanted a chilled wedding with all the people we love.

“We stayed in apartments, so we did a wedding dress reveal before hopping into an Uber to St. George’s Hall together.

“Liverpool Pride was on so the taxi couldn’t drop us straight outside, so we had to walk up the road which was funny in my dress.

“I didn’t have any bridesmaids and Steven didn’t have any groomsmen; we only had 19 guests at the ceremony.

“Our son Frank walked me down the aisle and handed the rings over.

“As soon as it was over, I took my pink heels off and put my Nike trainers on!”

After saying ‘I do’ the couple and guests went on a double decker bus which costs £280 for the day.

They stopped off at a couple murals for photos before heading to their reception.

Holly added: “The bus was a great way to escort everyone to the venue.

“We were drinking Prosecco along the way; it was the perfect way to get the party started.

“We spent £3000 on a room hire at a food and drink market in Liverpool city centre.

“The price included food and three cupcake stands.

“We didn’t want a sit down meal with speeches so we just had an array of food like burritos and pizza.

“We had the best day of our lives and there was no stress.

“We just went with the flow – we even joined Liverpool Pride for a moment.”

The newlyweds were joined by more guests on the evening making it a wedding of 32.

In total, they spent £3,925 on their big day.

“We didn’t have a DJ, we just plugged our phone in and listened to a Spotify playlist,” Holly said.

“We partied until midnight and most of our guests said they’d love to have a laid back approach to their wedding too.

“Prior to getting married, other brides had told me their day went super fast because they spent most of it speaking to people.

“I remember every minute of mine as we didn’t have to do that.

“A wedding is about you and your partner, it shouldn’t be about pleasing everyone else.

“We didn’t need to spend thousands to have a good time.

“We haven’t got any regrets as it was a wonderful day.”

Price breakdown of Holly and Steve’s wedding:

Dress – £120

Shoes – £30

Suit – £170

Venue – £3,000

Flowers – £210

Stationary/printing £115

Bus – £280

Total = £3,925